Julie Helmer - Health Nut

Julie Helmer - Health Nut

Julie embarked on her full-time journey in the CBD sector in 2017, and the subsequent year marked a pivotal moment when she was entrusted with a blank canvas—a vacant warehouse in Las Vegas—to establish a fulfillment center for a start-up CBD enterprise. Beginning with a solitary employee, Julie's leadership rapidly galvanized the operations, and within a mere few months, she expanded the team to 15, meticulously formulated processes for heightened efficiency and scalability, authored the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the center, and was a cornerstone in propelling the company to achieve the milestone of $1 million in monthly sales by its fifth month of operations. Furthermore, she adeptly managed private label customer orders, orchestrating a seamless workflow for the sales team for the inputting and tracking the order progression.

As the dawn of 2020 unfolded, a new chapter commenced for Julie when she was asked to sign on with another CBD startup as their Chief Operating Officer. She started in Las Vegas and then later orchestrated the relocation of their fulfillment center to Orlando, FL. Julie's acumen was indispensable in amplifying their business trajectory. She refined operational processes, had their website completely upgraded for better sales conversions and adeptly negotiated cost-efficiencies in raw material procurement, packaging, product manufacturers and handled all label and packaging compliance. Her oversight extended to liaising with third-party testing firms for lab sample submissions and bolstering the sales, marketing, and customer support spheres.

Julie's repertoire of expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, from fulfillment center operations, supply chain management, national and international shipping logistics, to label and packaging compliance, lab testing protocols, and SOP development. Her prowess extends to customer service, sales, product knowledge, copywriting, among myriad other domains, rendering her a linchpin in holistic operational success.

Now, as a copywriter and business consultant, Julie explores and writes about CBD and other health and wellness topics. She has authored books available on Amazon, created CBD product benefit tracking journals, a CBD Literacy Quiz for customer education and penned articles on various topics such as cannabinoids, mushrooms, and issues pertaining to Type 1 Diabetes and nutritional eating.

Julie became certified in ChatGPT AI technology in the early part of 2023 to help streamline customer support by building and training custom chatbots for customer service on company websites. These chatbots can help to educate the customer as well as help in sales conversions and provide immediate customer service 24/7.

As a strategic partner for Resynate.com, Julie’s multifaceted expertise and insightful narratives continue to resonate and empower audiences in their wellness journey.

You can find some examples of Julie’s blogs: https://juliehelmer.com

Customer Service Chat Bot: https://aichatadvisor.com

Amazon Author Page for HealthNut books: https://amazon.com