CBD Dog Treats
CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats

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Is your pets energy driving you crazy? Calm them down with our new CBD Dog Treats! Our cannabinoid rich Whole Hemp Dog Treats are made with organic cold-pressed hemp oil and whole flower fiber. They deliver 3mg of cannabinoids per serving, with zero THC, and a pumpkin + bacon flavor that dogs love! We switched the recipe to a smaller, easy to digest chew that dogs will love! 20 pieces per jar.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp, Pumpkin Puree, Pumpkin Seed, Black Sesame, Flax Seed, Coriander, Sunflower Seed, Peanut Butter, Honey, Coconut Flour, Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple Sauce, Coconut Oil, Gelatin, Bacon, Ascorbic Acid, Vanilla, Liquid Smoke (Smoke and Water), Calcium Propionate.

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