Ambassador Program

Here at Resynate, we supply a wide variety of carefully formulated boutique Cannabinoid products to the Health, Wellness & CBD marketplace. 

We pride ourselves on Quality Control, Education & Sustainability. 


Quality Control 


  • We ethically source the highest quality ingredients for our products.
  • We have COA's available and perform extensive full panel CAT 3 testing on all of our products.
  • We have an in-house formulator who not only has extensive experience as an extraction specialist for the last 11 years in the industry, but also a background in traditional herbalism.
  • Our in house provider and CMO is an essential aid to guiding the brand in a holistic/medicinal direction.




  • We are developing a Resynate academy to educate not only consumers, but also industry workers, and medical providers.
  • We partnered with Bazelet Health, a publicly traded health corporation with an existing educational platform that can be delivered in multiple languages and holding CME conferences for medical, legal, and business professionals in the science of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).
  • Our CMO brings experience to the team in the form of 4.5 years as an Ivy league instructor of surgical pharmacology and surgical techniques. With that comes experience in institutional and instructional design. He is also a registered provider in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).




  • A small percentage of our finished product packaging contains recycled ocean plastic combined with hemp with plans to phase this out in favor of hemp based packaging.
  • We aspire to become carbon neutral and 100% biodegradable by the end of next year.


Our high-end products are priced very reasonably compared to the current market. We boast a 96% customer retention rate along with only a single product exchange in 10 years. 

Compared to other product lines out there we utilize broad, full & complete spectrum CBD, and we do not utilize CBD isolate, hemp seed oil, or hemp seed extract as a carrier oil for our products. The human body is not capable of efficiently breaking this down unlocking the cannabinoids held within. We pride ourselves in the formulation of our products to ensure the highest bioavailability possible, to ensure a positive and beneficial end user experience.  

Our team is passionate about our formulating, research, & quality control in sourcing ingredients. We will continue to find new and innovative ways of providing the best possible products and solutions to our business partners, and most importantly, the consumer. Education is a key ingredient to our success, and the improved health and well being of consumers worldwide.