Julie Helmer - Director of Global Outreach

Julie Helmer - Director of Global Outreach

In 2017, I dove headfirst into the CBD industry. By 2018, I was handed keys to an empty warehouse in Las Vegas and tasked with setting up a fulfillment center for a budding CBD startup. Starting with just one employee, I quickly grew the team to 15, crafted efficient processes, wrote the center's SOPs, and played a pivotal role in achieving $1 million in monthly sales within just five months. I also streamlined private label order management, ensuring a smooth process for the sales team.

In 2020, I took on a new challenge as the Chief Operating Officer for another CBD startup. I began in Las Vegas and later spearheaded the move of our fulfillment center to Orlando, FL to be closer to the sales team. My expertise was crucial in enhancing our business direction and I revamped operational methods, collaborated in the upgrade to our website for better sales conversions and negotiated cost savings in various areas, including raw material acquisition and packaging and labeling. I also managed label compliance, coordinated with third-party labs for product testing for over 100 products, and boosted our sales, marketing, and customer support efforts.

My skills span a wide range, from fulfillment operations, supply chain management, and international shipping logistics to label compliance, lab testing, and SOP creation. I'm also proficient in customer service, sales, product knowledge, and content creation, making me a key player in overall operational success.

I'm a content creator and business consultant, delving into CBD and other health related topics. I've written health and wellness books available on Amazon, designed CBD product tracking journals, created a CBD Literacy Quiz for new sales associates and authored articles on subjects like cannabinoids, functional mushrooms, and Type 1 Diabetes nutrition.

In early 2023, I became certified in ChatGPT AI technology, enabling me to develop custom trained chatbots for 24/7/365 support for websites. These bots not only educate customers but also can be trained to boost sales conversions and offer round-the-clock customer support.

Joining the Resynate team enables me to continue my passion for the industry and lend my diverse skill set to their already thriving business.